onsdag 24 augusti 2011

Calleth you...

Ser just nu reprisen på SVT's nya underhållning Tack för musiken med Ola Salo som gäst. Riktigt roligt att höra om hans liv. Lagom självdistans och härligt kramgo. Nej så får man väl inte skriva, kramgo?? Jaja bra är han. Oförskämt stöddigt bra :)

Sjunger gör han oxå bla Calleth you, Comet I och What's so fun about peace, love and understanding? Haha!! Gamla minnen...

And I know we were both too young way back when we had our ting
And you're not the one that I think of everytime that the telephone rings
And I know that what we had would not be called love by the ones we know
And I know it's been many years and a hundred loveaffairs ago
I know all that so well, but I also do know this:
Calleth you, comet I
And that 's just how it is, and how it's always been
It's where my reason stops and something else comes in
I know it dosen't make sense, but still
Calleth you, comet I
That's how it is...

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